Lucio Roblero Mende

El Aguilia Grower

Lucio likes to work with coffee and has his whole life. “I never enjoyed school or even sports as much as I do growing things and being in the mountains,” says Lucio. He lives with his brother Adan when he is in town and not out in the coffee fields. Lucio has never married and has no plans to. he hopes to never have to leave his land to go and work in the US like his brother did. Lucio likes living in the small community of El Aguila. He says it is always so much cooler than in the big city of Tapachula down by the sea. “We get wonderful rains every afternoon and it never gets above 100 F and seldom about 90 F because we are so high up.” Lucio, like his brother, has under 6 hectares and has to walk at least two hours to get there on the easy trail. He says it is possible to get there in one hour, but the trail is very steep and not passable in the rain or dark, whereas the two hour trail he can walk with his eyes closed because he knows it so well.

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