Ismael and Veronica


Ismael lives with his wife Veronica and his mother. He is a long time Salvador Urbina resident. He has 4 adult children who have all left Salvador Urbina to find work. It is sad when the children and grandchildren need to migrate away in search employment or marriage. Ismael has been growing coffee all his life. He loves the work and to have the opportunity to live in this part of Chiapas. He said it seems strange that so many people live in the big city of Tapachula, where it is so hot and crowded. “In Urbina it is so much cooler and there are bananas, mangoes and papaya trees all over, great fruit and lots of shade.” Ismael, like all of the growers here, hopes that the continued success of the cooperative provides opportunities for families to stay together and for the children to stay close. Ismael is also a founding socio of the cooperative; he took the chance on Just Coffee and has helped make it work.

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