Ildefonso Mejia

Salvador Urbina Grower

Ildefonso was born in Salvador Urbina and this is where he met and married his wife, Elsa. Together they have 4 children who have all gone through and graduated from the University of Chiapas in Tapachula. Ildefonso was not sure about the cooperative when it started, but gained confidence after going to Agua Prieta and seeing the roaster and meeting the US customers himself. He since has become one of the strongest advocates for the cooperative and is a source of strength and knowledge for many of the growers. Ildefonso grows most of his family’s food and butchers the meat that they eat and sell. He has been growing fruits and vegetables since he learned from his father and is quite an outdoorsman. He is an active member in his church and two of his children are teachers in the community. Ildefonso knows how to trap wild animals in the mountains and butcher them with his machete.

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