Guadalupe Morales Trejo

Salvador Urbina Grower

The name ‘Guadalupe’ can be used for both men and women in Spanish. Guadalupe grows a lot of Robusta coffee, but is in the process of changing his coffee over to more Arabica. Robusta is a more caffeinated species of coffee that the Mexican government encouraged the coffee farmers to grow in the 70’s and 80’s. Robusta is a higher yielding species of coffee, and is much higher in caffeine content, but it does not have the great aroma and taste of the Arabica coffee that is generally more preferred among US coffee drinkers. Guadalupe’s children have done very well in school in Salvador Urbina and went on to have success in the big schools down in Tapachula. Guadalupe lives in the midsection of Salvador Urbina and was born there as well. Lucila, his wife, is from Osingo, Chiapas, which is on the river between Guatemala and Chiapas. Many of the growers have families and history in Guatemala; Salvador Urbina is very close to the border of Guatemala, less than 5 miles!

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