Doroteo Robles Salas

El Aguilia Grower

Doroteo has lived in El Aguila his entire life. He remembers when there was no road and it took a day to travel to Salvador Urbina and another day to get down to the big city of Tapachula. He remembers seeing the Volcano Tacaná blow smoke from its cone 13,300 feet about seal level and 8,000 feet above El Aguila. He and his wife have raised 7 children, 2 of which still live near in El Aguila. Doroteo was not born in El Aguila, but was from a much smaller long gone community that was near a large German coffee finca. “Buena Vista,” his home town is now only one or two abandoned foundations and a place that the coffee growers camp at when it is too late to return to El Aguila after a long day cultivating coffee. “I really love it here where it is cool and you can sometimes see the ocean when it is clear in the mornings,” says Doroteo. “Here I have my land, my family and my history, why would I want to be anywhere else?”

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