Don Gato

Salvador Urbina Grower

Don Gato, who is 85 years old, recently survived an “Indiana Jones” incident when the planks in an old suspension bridge on the way to his land gave way while he was carrying a 100 pound bag of coffee over the 50 foot gorge. Don Gato said that his arm got caught in the cables and he was just hanging around waiting for anyone for about 15 minutes. Sure enough a neighbor spotted him and came to the rescue.

His arm was pretty sore and he had some scratches and bruises, he said the worst part was seeing that big bag of coffee fall and burst into the river after all the work of growing and picking it. One of his 4 sons who was working in the USA has returned to be with his father now that the cooperative is formed and paying a just price for coffee.

Don Gato has several children living in Salvador Urbina and they all have built their houses next to one another, there are 5 family homes all on the same block!

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