Betina and Beto

Salvador Urbina Grower

Betina and her husband, Alberto, or Beto as he is known around town, have 7 children, and 3 of them live on the border between the USA and Mexico. Betina is famous for her beans. She uses a little known variety of bean called, “escommittee,” and these beans are renowned for their flavor and the amount of protein they pack. Betina always serves hand made corn tortillas, always hot, fresh and delicious. Two daughters and one son live in Salvador Urbina, and are a great blessing. The son is working with the coffee and the daughters are helping Betina around the house and are learning her cooking secrets, as well as attending school. Beto is always around to lend a hand and supplies a lot of coffee to the cooperative. He and Betina are both 3rd generation coffee growers from this region. Betina was born up the mountain in Union Juarez and Beto is from Salvador Urbina. Don’t play cards with Beto as he seldom loses more than a hand or two!!!

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