Adan Mendes

El Aguilia Grower

Adan has almost done it all. He now farms coffee and fruit in EL Aguila with his brother and father, but before that he worked in Kentucky with horses and cattle on a large farm for 5 years. Adan said these were the hardest years of his life, to be away from his wife and 3 children, his family and the land he grew up on. But this was when the coffee buyers, or coyotes were only paying $40 dollars for 100 pounds of coffee. “What could I do? It costs over $40 to grow the and cultivate the coffee, and that is charging near nothing for your time.” says Adan. The money he sent home every other week put his children through school, bought metal roofing for his house and enabled his wife to have electricity. He was also able to help his father and his wife’s family. “This would never of been possible without the wages I made there.” says Adan. Adan is a hard worker and produces some of the best and cleanest coffee of Chiapas. His wife works with her church and is a great cook too!

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