Moises Velasquez Agustin

El Aguilia Grower

Moises has lived in several different places, but always with the intention of coming home to live where he was born and raised. His home is now in El Aguila, though he was born in “Buena Vista.” We were the last family in Buena Vista and decided it was better for our children to be closer to family, school and doctors,” says Moises. “So we moved to El Aguila, it is close enough to my land and El Toro.” Moises worked as a seasonal farm hand in the USA for several years to be able to afford to build his home in El Aguila. His wife, Beatrice, runs a small nursery that specializes in flowers and house plants. Moises loves animals and usually takes “La Munica,” the doll – his horse, with him into the coffee fields. La Munica is a sure-footed and beautiful horse that is as much of a pet as she is a pack animal. She has helped many a tired traveler get home after a long day working with the coffee, including Moises!

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