Luciano Martenez Garcia

Salvador Urbina Grower

Coffee is unique because most of the growers do not have much land. A hectare is equal to a little less than 2.5 acres, (2.471). Luciano grows 1.4 hectares of Arabica and 1.4 acres of Robusta coffee. He and his wife Floritula have 4 older children and they are helping with the grandchildren as the parents work internationally. They have a lot of grandsons and their small house is always hectic and busy. The boys can stay in school because they do not have to pick coffee with their grandfather anymore. Luciano has been one of the strongest supporters of the cooperative and was there from the beginning. He and Floritula live in the down hill entrance to Salvador Urbina. Their small home is always open to visitors and there is always coffee going on the stove. The Garcia family is really what the Just Coffee Cooperatives are all about.

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