Lázaro and Cervilia

Salvador Urbina Grower

Lázaro and his wife Cervilia have lived in Salvador Urbina their entire lives. Lázaro and Cervilia have 5 adult children. Two of the children are living in the USA because it was too hard to make a living in Chiapas. Two are still in Chiapas and one works in Mexicali. He and his wife live in the center of Salvador Urbina by a stream that runs through town. Lazzaro only grows the fine Aribaca coffee on his 2.5 hectares and follows in the steps of his father who was also a coffee grower. He is happy to be able to sell all of his coffee to the cooperative now and not have to go through the coffee coyotes who normally pay 1/2 of what the cooperative pays. Lázaro is always upbeat and with a big smile. He still walks to his coffee plants and prunes and manages the trees, but does not climb up the shade trees to prune them like he used to do. He hopes for the success of the cooperative so his sons can come back home.

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