Herman Cifuentes

Salvador Urbina Grower

Herman and his wife, Marquina live right on main street, next to the Just Coffee Warehouse and the water purification plant. Main street, Salvador Urbina is very busy, so there are a lot of “topes,” or speed bumps, to keep the taxis, buses and other commercial traffic from going too fast. Herman and his 5 daughters live right in the middle of all the commotion, between the topes. Marquina is a wonderful baker, and she sells her breads and pastries on the weekends from their front porch. Herman has a huge coffee drying patio, one of the biggest in Salvador Urbina. Coffee dried by the sun on the patio is one of the reasons that Just Coffee is naturally sweet. Herman spends a lot of time making sure that his concrete patio is clean and not chipping or crumbling. It is important that the patios are NOT used to park cars or other equipment that can leak oil or other contaminates. But, the patios are always a great place to have parties, just like in the USA.

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