Elifas and Sandra Cifuentes

Salvador Urbina Grower

Their home is in “uptown” Salvador Urbina and they seem to be always adding to their house to receive more family, guests and visitors. Elifas also moonlights in Tapachula to support his large family. He and Sandra have five children from 7 to 19 years and just last year their daughter was married in a ceremony and reception that was held at the house. Elifas and Sandra frequently host guests from the USA when they come to see the coffee cooperative and meet the growers. They are very active in the church that is right next door to their house. They are gracious hosts for parties that are usually open to the community and they sell candy and sodas out of a small building attached to their house. They are also known for selling the best shrimp cocktails in Salvador Urbina, but you can only get them in months that have an “r” in their name. Their home has a built-in hammock and lots of rooms.

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