David Cifuentes Velazquez

Salvador Urbina Grower

David and his wife, Josefina live further up main street and have a beautiful view of Salvador Urbina and the volcano, Taca, from their front porch. David and his wife have 5 children. David loves growing things and takes joy in all of the fruits and vegetables that he grows; his bananas are great! He and Edmundo are the socios that are responsible for the nursery that grows the starts that the socios use to replenish their fields. The cooperative spends a lot of time and money to get the best possible coffee plants that are suited for the environment in Salvador Urbina. Twice a week David delivers water from the purification plant to the residents of the community that can not get out and/or carry the heavy 5 gallon containers of water to and from the water purification plant. He is able to make enough money to cover his expenses and make a a little profit while meeting the needs of those in the community.

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