In April 2010, Café Justo opened the doors to its new roasting facility in Agua Prieta, Sonora. Located on Calle 11 Avenida 19, Agua Prieta, Sonora Mex. C.P 84200, accross the street from the Lilly of the Valley Presbyterian Church, the new facility boasts a variety of features making it easier for the roasters to provide you with the high quality products you have come to love.

Upon arriving at the facility visitors will be greeted in the Reception Room. This space provides an excellent area for groups and individuals to learn about the history and business model that is Café Justo.

Next visitors will find the Packaging and Shipping Room. This room provides ample space for grinding, packaging and shipping the coffee. Unique to this room is the skylights that pepper the ceiling and the loading dock which makes it easier for employees of Café Justo to load the fresh coffee shipments onto the truck for delivery.

Adjacent to the Packaging and Shipping Room is the Café Justo Office and the Roasting Room. The office provides a quiet location for answering phone calls, receiving and tracking orders and maintaining the day to day operations of the business. With windows into the Packaging and Shipping Room, office staff will be able to conduct business while maintaining constant contact with the roasters.

Finally, the Roasting Room provides the space necessary for Café Justo employees to efficiently roast the freshest coffee. The unloading dock provides the ideal space for receiving shipments of green bean coffee and the location of the space helps minimize sound pollution to other areas of the facility.

Consider visiting us to see for yourself the new and improved Café Justo.

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